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about the program

Coach Perkins started this program to train young athletes to have not only have a better understanding of the game, but to work on defense, ball handling, shooting, passing, rebounding, and decision making. Below are the different session types, fees and schedule of classes. If you have any questions, you can complete the form at the bottom of the page and Coach Perkins will be in touch.

meet the coach

Basketball Academy Director, Buster Perkins, was born in McGehee, Arkansas and attended high school at Joe T. Robinson in Little Rock. After graduating from Robinson High School, he attended the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Columbus State Community College and Virginia Union University where he received his bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Coach Perkins played professionally for multiple years abroad before returning home to Arkansas.

session types

  • Private Lessons

    Private lessons provide the ultimate in program customization and coaching attention for an individual or a group up to 4. Benefits include addressing unique needs and working toward player specific goals in the areas of basketball IQ, ball handling, passing, shooting, defending, rebounding and more. With undivided attention, there’s no wasted time which results in hard work and maximum improvement. Additionally, Coach Perkins will act as “guidance counselor,” helping athletes navigate the world of basketball and school. Private lessons are available early morning, mid-day, evenings and weekends. Please refer to the calendar for potential options. To confirm that space is available or learn more, contact Coach Perkins directly.

  • Focus Groups

    These small groups (maximum of 10 athletes) are designed for younger players. While the emphasis is on improvement, athletes will also experience a heavy dose of fun. Activities include technique reviews and competition in an intense basketball environment. Additionally, Coach Perkins selects monthly “focus areas” for the group such as striving for all A’s in school and working on specialty moves like shooting off the dribble or over your shoulder. Focus groups are organized by age. On the calendar, the younger groups are indicated by a “-” and the older players a “+.” To participate, contact Coach Perkins at which time you’ll agree upon the group you should join and the days and times you will attend during the month.

  • Level 1 & Breakfast Club

    These are even smaller groups for more experienced players. The training is considerably more detailed and intensive. Level 1 is offered in the evenings and Breakfast Club is intended for dedicated highschool athletes willing to practice before school starts. Like Focus Groups, you must contact Coach Perkins to arrange participation.

  • Schedule and Fees

    Session fees will be charged as a lump sum at the beginning of the month. Refunds and rollovers will not be given. When speaking with Coach Perkins, please agree to the minimum number of sessions you can make during the month. (You can purchase extra as the month progresses.) Non-members must put a credit card on file at the time of registration and will be charged a monthly $22 usage fee.

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