Formerly known as Tumble n Play, LEAP classes are designed for children from 8 months to 5 years of age. Children will be divided into appropriate age groups and will practice various skills challenging their brains, bodies, and imaginations in an enriching and supportive environment. Our goal in each class is to learn and exercise through fun and loving play!

During the 45 - 50 minute class, kids will begin by playing on an ever changing obstacle course to get all their wiggles out! We have a variety of child friendly gymnastic equipment to practice their gross motor skills while a teacher demonstrates a safe, age appropriate technique that will give your child the skills to play safely and happily in situations outside of the LEAP classroom! We then take the kids through a number of different activities that will change every week including: gymnastic skills, books, crafts, games, yoga, music, lifestyle skills and more. We have a variety of fun and safe equipment to make our lessons fun and interesting that your kids will love!

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