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We have member only coed and ladies’ doubles leagues that play indoors year round at Athletic and seasonally outdoors at Racquet. Some use "King of the Court" rotation and a ladder for scheduling while others use a traditional rotating partners' format. Regardless, when you join a league, you’ll have a regular weekly game, compete in level appropriate matches and have an opportunity to meet lots of new people. It's a win, win, win!

All leagues are organized based on DUPR ratings and participants must be members of the respective club to play. Please complete the form or contact Pickleball League Coordinator, Anthony Dillard, if you are interested in joining the fun.

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League Rules

  • Members may only register in one league at a time.
  • League format is best 2 out of 3 games to 11, win by 2. If a third game is necessary, then players use rally scoring.
  • Participants are responsible for finding their own subs at or better than the league's level.
  • No shows will be charged a $25 no show fee per incident.


Monday 6:00 pm Co-ed 2.5+ Doubles
Tuesday 1:00 pm Ladies 3.0+ Doubles
Tuesday 6:00 pm Co-ed 4.0+ Doubles
Tuesday 7:30 pm Co-ed 3.0 and 3.5 Doubles
Wednesday 1:00 pm Co-ed Senior Doubles (62+)
Wednesday 6:00 pm Co-ed 3.5+ Doubles
Wednesday 7:30 pm Co-ed 3.5+ Singles
Thursday 1:00 pm Ladies 2.5+ Doubles
Thursday 6:00 pm Co-ed 3.0+ Doubles
Thursday 7:30 pm Co-ed Under 3.5 Singles

If you are interested in joining a league, please complete the form below and our Pickleball League Coordinator will be in touch.

Fill out my online form.