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We didn’t invent tennis in Little Rock but sometimes it does sort of feel that way. We introduced our city’s first indoor tennis courts many years ago and haven’t relinquished our pursuit of creating the best environment for this timeless sport, since. Today we offer indoor, outdoor and clay play for leagues, lessons, USTA team, juniors and more.

usta league tennis

So as to avoid confusion with our Club league play, we call USTA leagues “team tennis” around here and we have lots of it. It works like this. Volunteer team captains find players to join their teams. (Be sure and spread the word if you are interested!) Then captains register their teams with the Arkansas Tennis Association (ATA) declaring a home club. Once the teams are finalized, the ATA will either assign match times (these can be adjusted by captains if need be) or ask the captains to schedule with each other.

Where court reservations for team matches are concerned, we are happy to book in advance at both Athletic and Racquet but this must be done through our League Coordinator, Sharon Northern. Please note, we ask that captains be a member of one of our Clubs and that 50% of your team be members in order to declare Athletic or Racquet as your home club. For more information, please…

Contact Sharon

And one final note... being a captain is a labor of love and we appreciate all of you that step up and do it!

Need your racquet strung? Drop it off at the Pro Shop at Athletic or the Desk at Racquet.

court reservations

Only members may reserve courts. When reserving courts which may be done up to three days in advance, you cannot reserve more than one court at a time and may not reserve back-to-back time slots. Reserved courts will be opened to other members if no player on the reservation is present 15 minutes after the start of the reserved time. Courts must be canceled three hours prior to the reserved court time to avoid a no show fee.

  • court fees

    Indoor court fees are as follows:

    90 minutes - $24
    60 minutes - $16

    The total court cost is split between players but, as a reminder, players are responsible for ensuring the Desk knows who is playing. Otherwise, the entire court cost will be charged to the member making the reservation. Please note, these fees do not include tax.

    There is no charge for playing outdoors.

  • ball machine

    A member who is at least 15 years old may reserve the ball machine 24 hours in advance by contacting the Club. Children using the ball machine must be directly supervised by an adult. Members who reserve the ball machine but hit or play instead will be charged regular court rental. Ball machine rental fees are as follows:

    30 minutes - $8

    60 minutes - $12

    90 minutes - $16

  • accutennis

    We have smart courts!

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