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physical therapy

Our physical therapists are here to make sure you function at your fullest potential. Their goal is to help you do better, feel better and/or heal better. As concierge providers, they are free to develop customized care plans that address your concerns but can change as needed - without getting a physician's referral. As a patient, you are not committed to anything - ever. Frequency and type of care are completely at your discretion. The only thing you have to do is ask for help and our highly experienced team will take it from there.

Physical therapy appointments are available at Athletic and Racquet. Session fees are listed under each therapist. To schedule your appointment, please contact the respective Club.

Please note, our clinics are private pay but if you desire, we can complete a PT “super bill” which you can file with your insurance company for reimbursement. Members may charge physical therapy services to their Club accounts.

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massage therapy

Whether you’re loosening up for a big doubles match or you’re a busy mom who just needs an hour-long escape from her daily duties, our licensed massage therapists are experts in an array of techniques and therapies. Besides just feeling better generally, enjoying regular massage will improve circulation and flexibility, relieve tension headaches and muscle pain, reduce stress and anxiety and stimulate weak muscles.

We offer massage at Athletic, Racquet, North and Downtown. Specific types, while not available at all Clubs, include Deep Tissue, Sports, Therapeutic, Swedish, Restorative and Prenatal. Session fees are listed under each therapist. To schedule your appointment, please contact the respective Club.

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yoga therapy

Yoga therapy is a holistic approach to well-being, implementing the practical application of Yoga techniques. The individual's movement capabilities are assessed along with their particular mind/body type. This unique mind/body type along with the indivudual's goals will inform the use of specific movement strategies. Strategies could include soft tissue mobilization, motor control practices, breathing techniques, body awareness techniques, sleep hygiene and general lifestyle recommendations.

Brita Fajer provides this service at Athletic. To schedule an appointment, call the Club.

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Assisted Stretching

While people have the ability to stretch effectively by themselves, many of us are guilty of not doing so. We do it too fast, skip it all together or find ourselves in the vicious cycle of being too tight to stretch properly. Here’s where an assisted stretching session can help.

If you find it hard to stick to a schedule of stretching or you can’t perform certain stretches on your own, we are here for you. With the assistance of our stretching specialists, you’ll receive a deeper and more targeted stretch resulting in greater range of motion instantly.

To schedule your one-on-one stretching session, call the Theraplay Office at Athletic.