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The Benefits of a Pilates Reformer Class

Like a mat Pilates class, the primary goal of a reformer class is to build strength in your core and improve spinal and pelvic alignment and flexibility. Many of the exercises are the same but oftentimes the reformer allows for greater range of motion and is more accommodating than working on the floor.

Who should participate?

All fitness levels can get a safe but challenging workout in a reformer class. It is as useful for someone looking to intensely work their core as it is for someone just starting out or recovering from an injury. Everyone can benefit because each exercise is performed as a slow, controlled movement that utilizes the entire body to improve muscle tone, strength and posture. And for those with little or no experience, modifications will be introduced and encouraged.

What should you expect?

A Pilates reformer machine looks a bit like a bed frame. It has a platform (called the “carriage”) that’s connected to the end of the frame by five springs of varying tension. These springs are what control your choice of resistance. From different positions, you will use different parts of your body to push and pull the carriage along the reformer’s frame.

The reformer also has an adjustable bar on one end and long straps with handles on the other. Depending on which exercise you’re doing, your hands or feet could be on the bar or in the straps. (Don’t worry! You’ll get the hang of it and our expert instructors will be there to assist or answer questions.)

class descriptions

  • Reformer 1


    Perfect for purists, this class makes use of the Reformer and honors Joe Pilates’ method. The reformer offers not just a fun full-body workout but also an education in the discipline of good posture and a solid core. Immerse yourself in the method and leave the class feeling balanced, lighter and lengthened. This class delivers focused, fast results for optimal strength and tone to help you achieve total fitness.

  • Reformer 2

    (Intermediate & Advanced)

    As a progression of Pilates Reformer 1, this class will help elevate your practice and challenge both your body and mind. Fit for those who have a solid understanding of Pilates foundations, Reformer knowledge and pre-existing body awareness, this class introduces more advanced exercises and incorporates quick transitions to keep your body moving. It will challenge your balance and stability while sculpting your overall physique.

  • Cardio Reformer

    This high-energy, full- body, HIIT-style class is designed to deliver fast-flow fusion Pilates. Featuring innovative jump-board choreography and up-tempo moves, this class is designed to build strength, length and endurance. This class is challenging but hugely rewarding, pushing you to achieve the results you want.

personalize your practice

Looking to level up your group classes or wanting a more personalized approach? Pilates private training can help you achieve your individual goals. Throughout your journey, a knowledgeable instructor will evaluate your physical activity level, injury profile, posture and overall health to build a Pilates workout specifically tailored to your needs. To get started, please fill out the form below and an instructor will be in touch.

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